“One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” ― Oscar Wilde

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Olivia Holms carries the tradition of artisanship by creating new designs in celebration of the earth’s gifts. Each masterwork finds its origins as the seed of an idea etched in an artisan’s sketchpad. It then gets shared in a brainstorming session, which our team of artisans collaborate and build upon in unison in the Design Studio.

Our artisans are skilled in the alchemy of precious metals. They collect exceptional gemstones from around the world and imbue them into creative ideas in a way that exalts the stone’s beauty through unique designs. The pieces are adorned with translucent gemstones that radiate an exquisite mix of colors. These include natural stones such as lapis lazuli, tourmaline, zircon, and cacoxenite. Each stone is meticulously cut, set by hand, shaped, and custom fitted in 925 stamped Sterling Silver. The pieces are also triple coated with 18k gold-plating to glimmer gracefully in the light.

The artisans are also well-versed in enameling, a process where cells of bronze are soldered onto metal, pigments of color are applied, and then heated to reflect highly vibrant, glossy decorating on their surfaces.


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