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“Art by Artisans” is an Olivia Holms’ initiative that aims at collaborating with gifted artisans around the world who excel at their craft. The innovative art-pieces created by these master craftsmen are then scrutinized according to Olivia Holms’ strict parameters and requirements. Once selected, Olivia Holms curates these articles and offers them to a very specific audience who can appreciate the thought behind the creation of the art-piece.


Olivia Holms jewelry is handmade, custom-set, and intricately fashioned before it is released for shipping. Due to this, each order requires a processing time of 2-3 days as production is done in limited numbers. Our artisans are based worldwide and each one employs a specialized technique exclusive to their own country and culture. Therefore, the shipping and delivery for each order requires between 5- 10 working days after processing.

Returns & Zero STRESS Policy

Olivia Holms adopts a ZERO-STRESS POLICY which covers any issues pertaining to orders. We do our best not to leave the customer with any cause for complaints. However, in case an item is damaged and/or requires return, we will amend the situation free of cost. This includes paying the expenses for shipping returns and/or replacing with another item.
Olivia Holms tries its best to facilitate the customer as much as possible. In case the customer needs to change the address provided in the order, they can email customer support at In order to maintain the order process uninterrupted, it is required that our customer support be notified of the change of address before the order is shipped.
Olivia Holms bases its business model around the customer. If you have any issues pertaining to your order, contact our customer support at alongside with the invoice of purchase. Olivia Holms will take into consideration reasons for return. If any problem comes up, Olivia Holms will do all that’s possible to deliver 100% customer satisfaction.
Olivia Holms is constantly working to improve customer experience by making the website as user-friendly and easy to use as possible. When you select a product variant for purchase, click on the BUY IT NOW button. You will be directed to your shopping cart where your selected products will be listed. From here you can either CONTINUE SHOPPING for more products or PROCEED TO CHECKOUT if you want to complete transaction. Fill your credentials and continue to SHIPPING page. Choose your preferred payment method from our wide variety of options and continue. A final page will be displayed to you showing the entire order details. Confirm it to finalize the order.
Olivia Holms is dedicated towards ensuring customers are satisfied with the service. In case you need to cancel an order for any reason, please contact our customer support team at before the order has been shipped.
Olivia Holms prioritizes customer convenience and hence provides several payment channels. You can make payments on our site using apps including PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Shopify Pay, etc. We also accept payments made through VISA, MasterCard, Maestro, and American Express.
Olivia Holms is constantly running discounts and promotions on a wide assortment of products. This can result in a negative fluctuation in the article’s original price. Furthermore, under some scenarios such as fluctuating material prices and shipping policies in the artisan’s country, prices in our inventory are subject to change without notice. Nonetheless, Olivia Holms does its utmost to price products fairly with little heed to profit and more priority given to showcasing the artisan’s craftsmanship.
Olivia Holms’ business vision revolves around providing outstanding customer support and giving them a platform to voice any query they may have without hesitation.. If you still have any questions regarding shipping, deliveries, or other aspects related to Olivia Holms, please contact our customer support team at and allow us the opportunity to serve you better.
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