Picasso Face - Earrings & Necklace

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Art is the elimination of the unnecessary - Picasso
Picasso Variant *
Olivia Holms pays homage to the avante-garde style of Pablo Picasso by presenting a gilded contour representation of the ‘Portrait of Dora Maar’ (1937). The piece alludes to the artist's technique in synthetic cubism and can be worn on the ear or around the neck. Each piece is carefully forged and fashioned into shape by master artisans to reinvent Picasso's original opus as a fashion ornament.

The piece is available as:

- A dangle earring with stud
- A necklace 
A Cubist art piece shows multiple perspectives of an object simultaneously. This allows the viewer to observe different sides of it at once.

If one looked carefully at the face in the ‘Portrait of Dora Maar’, they would see that Picasso exhibited every perspective of her face except the left profile.

When recreating this piece, the artisans stripped away all components of the painting and kept only the left profile of her face that was absent from the original.
In the process, they created the “Missing Face of Dora Maar”.
  • Item type: Drop earrings w/ stud
  • Necklace Style: Minimalist Synthetic Cubism
  • Material: Zinc Alloy
  • Color: Gold foil, Silver
  • Weight: 15 grams
  • Size: 6.5cm
  • Chain length: 70cm


Olivia Holms jewelry is handmade, custom-set, and intricately fashioned before it is released for shipping. Due to this, each order requires a processing time of 2-3 days as production is done in limited numbers. Our artisans are based worldwide and each one employs a specialized technique exclusive to their own country and culture. Therefore, the shipping and delivery for each order requires between 5- 10 working days.

Returns & Zero STRESS Policy

Olivia Holms adopts a ZERO-STRESS POLICY which covers any issues pertaining to orders. We do our best not to leave the customer with any cause for complaints. However, in case an item is damaged and/or requires return, we will amend the situation free of cost. This includes paying the expenses for shipping returns and/or replacing with another item.

Olivia Holms takes the initiative ‘Art by Artisans’ to empower artisans and make them an integral part of the jewelry design process. From the onset, our artisans are brought together in the Design Studio. Through brainstorming and etching their ideas down, they have an essential say in the jewelry’s conception, the selection of materials, the intricacies of its design, and finally its manufacture and execution. This sets an unprecedented new standard in the industry and optimizes communication between the Design Studio and Workshop. Precious time is saved, manufacturing waste is drastically reduced, and high quality jewelry items are fashioned for quarter the expenses.
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